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Madrid: an unforgettable study experience

Each year, millions of foreigners are joining the network competitiveness, excellence and professionalism that the master left to apply in a labor world, which is why they decide to learn the art of knowledge. That’s why today, Madrid, opens the door to thousands of aspirants who want to adopt knowledge that placed on the list

Spain: official home of students, alma mater of professionals

Spain has played an important role within the expertise of many professionals who aspire to have more profound and extensive knowledge in certain areas, which’s why this country’s one of the most popular and required by all students who like master Spain. In Spain can not only excel which has a remarkable culture and feel

Madrid: a city of culture

As it’s known that Spain’s one of the countries that provide cultural enrichment for both outsiders who wish to study a master and tourists who like to enjoy a pleasant stay. It couldn’t fail to mention that the city of Madrid can offer culturally. Thanks to the culture and traditions of each city and community

Learn why Spain is the best experience to study

If one is found in the attempt to prepare further, acquiring new knowledge and climb more steps to success, study a master, it is one of those studies that help undertake a safer road to achieve more goals. That is why we must ensure that it is up to the needs, and this can not

Germany, France and the United States are the countries whit the major number of companies in Spain.

There are 15601 companies whit foreign capital in Spain and that represent 1% of effective companies of the self-registered in this country. Foreign companies come from Germany 14%, U.S 13% and France 12% according to data from December 2014. Companies with foreign capital accounted for 30% of total turnover of the Spanish companies in 2011,

Seven Spanish cities are among the ten most attractive one to invest in Europe

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Seven Spanish cities, including Madrid, are among the ten most attractive one in southern Europe for foreign investment. A report entitled “European cities and Regions of the future 2014/2015”, which was published by the business daily “Financial Times”, considered some Spanish cities a good place to invest in the following months. Barcelona is leading this

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