What the master in Big Data and Business Analytics is?

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The data backed up new technological tools it be relevant to all those public and private companies for various reasons that are subject to the objectives of each company.

A trained to extract information and produce more of it to reach high levels within the same organization and network, need knowledge to guide it along the path of effectiveness, which’s recognized in these same companies as indispensable for professional good performance and work of the entire company, which’s why a specialized master as it leaves the necessary knowledge.

What accounts?

Not only it’s talking about the ability to upgrade to have more knowledge, but is talking about the importance of collecting data on companies, as everything starts from that point and it must be professionals who can extract and produce such information for the common good to help the company and its associates to advance.

Here predominates the ability to be competitive, which’s why this master makes a vast deep knowledge of how to achieve information based on the extraction and production of this information because depends on the decisions that are held.

Analyst capabilities information

There’re several skills with which the analyst must have information and it’s only able to carry them out through the extensive knowledge that the master left:

  • Identify
  • Collect
  • Transform
  • Analyze
  • Develop
  • Play

The whole context that defines this information for each company to reach the objectives.

This master has the power to develop and enhance the skills of each analyst in the competent areas for both predictive and quantitative techniques to model high fidelity.

It’s also able to develop skills to control the technology that surrounds the Big Data, and processing that goes directly to the cloud.

Who are targeted?

It’s aimed at professionals who are already working and practicing in the field and for students interested in exercise no matter if have idea or zero knowledge, since this master has 2 versions for these 2 classifications of students:

  1. Full time (for those with no knowledge or notions)
  2. Executive (for those who are already practicing in and workplace)

This is a study that allows students to specialize in certain areas that demand the same career, which are:

  • Project analytics management and Big Data
  • Design of Big Data
  • Business Analytics

Through a specialized teachers, trained and experienced, and taught in a school with excellent appointments and organizations that support the effectiveness of their learning; as companies like Microsoft, Stratio, Lambdoop, GMV, Cubenube and Atos, support awareness of this master.

On the other hand, can have the multicultural feedback, because can live with other students from other parts of the world to have a much richer experience, because in this competitive world collaboration and input’s necessary that people of different cultures can give the class, this also to create close relationships that may culminate in undertaking new action plans and new ventures in business relationships.

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