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In accounting and economics, there is a very important aspect for both companies and shareholders, Corporate Finance, which helps to maintain value through the financial resources available.

Like everything else, this is not easy, the people who are interested and in need to have the right knowledge and preparation eference to do it, can only be achieved through master Corporate Finance that is taught by the best Spanish schools because can give the tools to anyone interested in participating in the progress of a more competitive world in all aspects.

Understanding Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance is an area of ​​Finance that focuses on how companies can create value and maintain it through the efficient use of financial resources.

The purpose of Finance is to maximize value for shareholders or owners. Finances are firmly linked with 2 other disciplines:

  • The economy
  • The accounting

Given this importance, the best Spanish schools have this precisely master Corporate Finance that can provides all the tools of their foreign and city students to fully all the subjects.

Decisions to be made

As in any career, there are certain decisions that should be taken for the system to work according to the points theoretically and experimentally. In the case of master Corporate Finance, these 4 decisions abound in this career are taught:

  • Investment decisions
  • Financing decisions
  • Decisions on dividends
  • The managerial decisions

From the basic objective of corporate finance is to maximize the value or wealth for shareholders or owners, one of the key issues focuses on measuring the contribution of a particular decision on shareholder value. To answer this question have created valuation techniques or valuation of assets.

The basics concepts

Master Corporate Finance will also teach:

  • The dilemma between risk and profit
  • The value of money over time
  • The dilemma between liquidity and the need to invest
  • Opportunity costs
  • Appropriate financing
  • Leverage (debt use)
  • Efficient Diversification
  • Risk

In the latter, the students must understand that there are 2 types of risk in the total:

  • Systematic risk
  • Unsystematic risk


Long before the beginning of the theory of the balance of financial assets are developed and existed as master Corporate Finance today can be studied in the leading Spanish schools, smart financial managers already engaged in risk adjustments in the budget capital. Intuitively they realized that if other variables are assumed constant, the projects were less desirable than risk insurance, thus requiring a higher rate of return on risky projects or decisions based on conservative estimates of flows treasury.

In conclusion

Not only it is specializing in the issue of Corporate Finance, but to understand the reason for the existence of this master Corporate Finance, because as time passes, preparation is one of the pillars on the issue of progress world economic and this master and the teachers and professionals know about it, that’s why the reason to be prepared.

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