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Greece and the commitments made to the International Monetary Fund and the European Union.

The new leftist-led government of Greece that came to power on a wave of anti-austerity anger in elections in January has said today that the country doesn’t want more bailout money with conditions from the International Monetary Fund and the European Union (EU). Greece is currently an isolated country in the Euro Zone and it

Yum and the slow recovery from the scandal caused by a supplier.

Working on the recuperation after the food scandal that involved a minor supplier, Yum Brands Inc (YUM.N) said on Wednesday that sales at restaurants in China (its biggest market) fell less than it was expected. In fact, the owner of Pizza Hut and KFC, said that it happened in the fourth quarter, and also that

Ford and the economy situation in Russia

Bob Shanks, the finance chief of Ford Motor Co., sees ongoing problems in Russia. Well according to the German newspaper Handelsblatt, it is expected problems in Russia, where currently the rouble has declined, and the not good economy was weighing on its market share. Some reasons why other companies (carmakers) closed production plants in that

Today ends the meeting of the Fed

The Fed is expected to signal it remains on track to begin raising interest later this year, as the central bank trust that rising risks and low inflation from abroad have still to derail the Unites States economic recovery. This week, an important thing that happen is the meeting of the Fed. The two-day policy

The view on the Fed rate-setting meeting

The United States Federal Reserve will be closely watched this week. It will be seen if the Fed change its own policy path. A thing that affects this situation is the anticipated elections in Greece. Also we have to mention that environment is affected by the surprises from central banks which rocked markets this month.

BBVA considers the growth accelerated in the fourth quarter to 0.7%

The Research Department of BBVA (BBVA Research) considers that the economic growth accelerated to 0.7% in the fourth quarter, more than initially expected  to + 0.5%. Then, it figures in the last economic observatory by the research service of the financial institution, which states that the trend of observed variables indicates that the rate of

The Euro near the value to which was launched in 1999

The door opened by the general attorney of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Pedro Cruz Villalón, to the unlimited purchase of government bonds by the European Central Bank, and the new statements by ECB (European Central Bank) President Mario Draghi, in favor of taking the imminent decision, placed the euro for a

A barrel of Brent crude for February delivery closed today in London futures market at $ 50.11

The news today is about the Brent crude, a type of oil that is extracted mainly from the North Sea that makes the difference in the European market. Then, a barrel of Brent crude for February delivery closed today in London futures market at $ 50.11, up 1.66% from the close of the previous session.

The Greek exit of the Euro Zone

Angela Merkel, a German politician and a former research scientist, didn’t give much importance to the possibility of the exit of Greece from the Euro Zone. It was known today that Merkel, the chancellor of Germany wants Greece to stay in the Euro Zone. Merkel talked about this issue after a German magazine said that

Rosengren of the Fed and Summers of Harvard offers a view of the US economy

The Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers said the next US economic stimulus could be export their fossil fuels worldwide, a measure that could turn the country into the next Saudi Arabia, while the Fed withdraws its economic stimulus. “America has the opportunity to be the energy economy of the next decade, that Saudi Arabia has been

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